Self Introduction

Let me introduce myself.


My name is Takaya Maezato. I am Japanese and have been living in Okinawa ever since I was born.

Juris Doctor

I graduated from a Law School in Japan and have a qualification of Juris Doctor. I did study Japanese law in law school during 3 years and did study to read treatise written in English. I can translate documents from English(Japanese) into Japanese(English).

My 2 Jobs

I am an Administrative Scribener(Registered No:14470288)
Real Estate Agent(Registered No:(沖縄)008480).
I have 2 jobs.

Administrative Scribener

An Administrative Scribener is to make documents that you need to submit to Japanese public office. If you want to submit your documents to Japanese public office, let me support you with most professional manner. I translate your documents from English into Japanese and submit it to Japanese public office on your behalf.

Real Estate Agent

If you want to make deal with Japanese, let me support your dealings, especially real estate dealings. I intermediate between you and Japanese.

How to order

If you can’t visit my office in Naha, I will visit a place where you designate. Even if the place is in a Base, I can visit that place.
Please call me(050-3696-1760) or send an e-mail to me.
If you call me, I will visit that place after deciding the day we meet.

Price List


  • Japanese⇔English
  • sizeA4(max:1440characters) per 13,000Yen~

To make Documents that submit to Japanese public office

  • English→Japanese
  • 6,000Yen~

Real Estate Dealings

  • Max: 5% of transaction value
  • Min: 3%+60,000Yen of transaction value

Meadow, Šljivica, Gledic mountains, Serbia

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